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November 19, 2008

If Sartre wasn’t dead…

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…I’d pray that he’d write an introduction to my book.

Not that that’s something he’d want to do.

So, thanks to VP, I’ve discovered Albert Memmi.  We read The Colonizer and the Colonized for Contemporary Lit. Theory, and I am a huge fan.  To be honest, it took me quite a while to get over the fact that this guy has an introduction by Sartre.  I’m not sure why it amazes me, but it does make me intensely jealous.

But, on to my point.  Where has Memmi been in my education?  He’s pre-Said, pre-everybody.  But nobody talks about him.  Why?  His ideas are clear, he’s easy to read, and is a great introduction to thinking about the ideology and construction of colonial/postcolonial identities.  So why is this the first I’ve read him?  Admittedly, his work is emerging from a very particular socio-cultural moment and place (I’ll get the quotation re: women when I have the book in front of me), but it does not at all detract from the overall value of his work.

I’m now officially a fan.  Perhaps I’ll have a chance to read Decolonization and the Decolonized over break.  ::crosses fingers:: Wow am I a cool person.

I had to say it, but now I must move on to real academic pursuits.


November 28, 2007

Monty Python, Philosophy, and Australia

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My three favorite things. I found this to help us get through this difficult time…the end of the semester. It’s a frightenly catchy tune:

October 28, 2007

I was shelving the other day….

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…and I came across Flesh by my fantastic Senior Sem prof., Hollis Seamon.  Like any other student, I have Googled H.S. to see what she has out there (we have to do it for the authors we read, why not the profs who teach us?!), so I was aware of this book’s existence.  What I was not aware of, however, was the subtitle: A Suzanne LaFleshe Mystery

Funny, since one of the collections of linked stories we are reading is The Strange History of Suzanne LaFleshe.  H.S. is so not pompous, and I am now totally psyched that not only are we reading one of the stories she has written, but that it was awesome enough that it became the title story for the collection. 

By the way, Flesh is great.  She tells the most average things with amazing beauty, and it takes place in Albany, NY.  I detect a bit of her own dissertation experience.  I started it during my lunch at APL, and I wish I had time to read the whole thing now!  It’s definitely going on the shelf for the end of the semester.

July 19, 2007

we’ll have to start at the beginning and work from there

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I’m back!  Well, it’s exciting for me anyway.  As I may have mentioned, I just spent the past 3 weeks or so on a youth pilgrimage entitled “In the Footsteps of Moses” through Egypt and Israel.  Every day was so packed that it feels like I’ve been away for months.  But, now it’s back to bills, rain, and work.  I guess that is life.  I plan to give an overview of my travels as soon as time permits.  However, I am just taking this moment of your life to announce that I intend to put together a photo slideshow of my trip and a little presentation and present it one evening on the big screen at the Albany Public Library.  More details to follow as they are created. 

May 24, 2007

It’s like alcoholism, but less fun, it’s workaholism

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Okay, after that ranting session.  I’m back to admit that I want all of the pain that I give myself.  I’m only working one part-time job and taking one class right now, so what do I do with my spare time, I start pulling double sessions volunteering at the Co-Op, which leads me back to me previous position; leave home a bit before 8 am and don’t come back until 9:30.  So maybe I’m some sort of sado-masochist, except with work.    At least I have hot water now.  ::sigh:: I wonder what I’m going to do once this class ends (only one more week!).  I’d like to think that I’ll be making my mark on the academic world.  I’ll probably grow a shitload of lettuce instead. Oh, lol, I almost forgot, and I’m going to Egypt and Isreal, too.  That should be good.  I’m so excited!!!!!!

May 17, 2007

the world has shifted, and I’m still here!!!

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The world is new.  It is bright and shiny.  It is all because the semester is OVER.  It is a nice relief.  However, I’m also currently ensconced in a summer immersion course that meets 4 days per week.  I have not gone to school this many days in a row since high school!  It’s wearing a bit thin, good thing there are only (only?) two weeks left. 


 I love the blog.  It is my friend.  Now the whole world can watch me complete my life.  ha ha.  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, perhaps it was residual torture from 330.  And, I am way too lazy to do this regularly.  But, I’m hoping to get a few in occassionally, including some creative work I hope to do this summer.  So, if anyone besides me reads this (doubtful, but I think I make a pretty appreciative audience anyway), enjoy!

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