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September 5, 2010

Sorry, come again? The metrosexual male is inherently un-Australian?

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Today’s news:  New VB commercial suggests Aussie blokes have become soft.

The very first sentence asserts that men have to make a choice between manhoodand metrosexuality, and it would seem that ‘too many’ Aussie blokes (though be careful about using that term to describe these non-men) have removed their natural masculine nature by beginning to care about things like social networking and status among friends.

Who writes this stuff?  Have men ever not been interested in comparing themselves and and besting their mates when it comes to physical or professional achievements?  Alas, says the marketing man for Vic Bit, this is an advertising campaign that is aimed at ‘normal guys who have strayed a little bit’ and need to go back to their non-caring, beer-drinking, football player-look alike lives.  That is, of course, ignoring the simple fact that such a past is (and has always been) fictional, fueled by nostalgia and false memories.

If you get a chance, give the comments a read-through as well.  The ex-pats (or those who ever tasted VB but now can’t get it) all want it, the haters continue to hate, people like kiwi steve agree that:

Aussie men have definitely become pussies! When’s the last time you rebuilt a waterpump, changed the oil or the sparkplugs on the car? Its not that they dont want to, they would rather have a facial…

And a few lonely voices point out the inherent flaw of the article/study/VB marketer’s assumption that facebook photos=non-manhood=un-Australian=need to drink more VB.

Ahh, Australia, the national disinclination to practice any form of introspection never fails to disappoint me.


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