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January 17, 2009

Metagogical Analysis of Pedagogical Apparatuses

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I’m fairly certain that metagogy is impossible.  I imagine it as a circuitous loop: about the teaching of about the teaching of about the teaching of…

So, this semester features a grand new opportunity: a class to teach me how to teach college students.  Just the thing.  Yes, it sounds like a pretty lofty goal for a single semester, but at least I’ll get something in that direction accomplished, right?  If nothing else, I say to myself, I’ll come out with a couple of well-crafted (and professor-analyzed) syllabuses. 

Well, we’re still (technically) in week one, and I’ve come to an awful realization.  Essentially, I’m supposed to teach myself (being that we meet as a class once per month) how to be an effective, interesting, inspirational, supportive educator!  You know, people often spend four years being taught this kind of thing, and they get a degree at the end of it all!

The task that introduced this hysteria: creation of an annotated bibliography.  Said bib can, and should, include all sorts of books about how to teach college students, how to teach freshman comp, how to understand students, how to understand universities, how to teach literature, what to teach, who to teach with what techniques, which books to use, which books to not use, how to develop a curriculum, what goals to set, how to grade, what to grade, who to grade…The list could go on forever.  But my time (and the semester) does not.

So, categories of inquiry:

1. Curriculum Development

2. Pedagogical Methods

3. Diversity- geographical, religious, racial, age

4. Theoretical approaches to education

5. Possible Texts

This is still a pretty broad and extensive list, but if I stick to it, I’ll hopefully steer myself clear of topics that deal less with student/teacher interactions (such as the place of women in academia), which, while useful, will have to wait.

I feel better now.


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