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November 22, 2008

What I actually do.

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Here’s what I have for my advanced project introduction.  It’s been a tough go.  But the paper’s due in 8 days, so it’s time to have something done. 

            As a contemporary literary, cultural, and economic powerhouse, it is important to think about the ways in which the Man Booker Prize is capable of constructing a particular socio-economic and cultural reality through its selection of winning books.  Building upon Pierre Bourdieu, James English has described cultural prizes such as the Booker as “piece[s] of objectified symbolic capital” (110).  Indeed, the Man Booker Prize appears to be a perfect illustration of how an amorphous body, once collectively recognized, is capable of creating its own authority and maintaining it by engaging in a “long chain of official acts of consecration” (Bordieu 12).  The annually changing selection committees, while individually innocent, have produced a strong chain of Booker Prize-winning novels that collectively uphold Britain’s power as an intellectual empire that must confer recognition upon its former colonies. 

This paper is an investigation of the methods by which the Man Booker Prize creates imaginary colonial places and people through the awarding of a literary prize.  Questions that will be answered include, what are the criteria the selection committee is searching to fulfill; what sorts of Commonwealth communities does the Man Booker Prize award; and, how does Peter Carey’s Booker-winning novel, Oscar and Lucinda, work with or against these ideals?

What do you think?  Any and ALL feedback is appreciated.


Whoa, now

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I can’t believe this.  Recently I submitted an abstract for consideration to the Re-Orienting Whiteness Conference at Monash University.  The abstract was not accepted, but, judging by the continued stream of e-mails from them, anyone who submits an abstract is added to the conference mailing list.  That’s fine.

What is not fine is having my name and e-mail address posted on a white pride forum under the “Anti-White Conference!” thread.  Besides the fact that the conference is NOT an anti-white conference (which anyone who reads should be able to recognize), I’m not sure about the ethics surrounding publishing personal information in this manner. 

Thanks but no thanks, let’s not post my name, considering that I’ve sent nothing for your consideration.

November 19, 2008

If Sartre wasn’t dead…

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…I’d pray that he’d write an introduction to my book.

Not that that’s something he’d want to do.

So, thanks to VP, I’ve discovered Albert Memmi.  We read The Colonizer and the Colonized for Contemporary Lit. Theory, and I am a huge fan.  To be honest, it took me quite a while to get over the fact that this guy has an introduction by Sartre.  I’m not sure why it amazes me, but it does make me intensely jealous.

But, on to my point.  Where has Memmi been in my education?  He’s pre-Said, pre-everybody.  But nobody talks about him.  Why?  His ideas are clear, he’s easy to read, and is a great introduction to thinking about the ideology and construction of colonial/postcolonial identities.  So why is this the first I’ve read him?  Admittedly, his work is emerging from a very particular socio-cultural moment and place (I’ll get the quotation re: women when I have the book in front of me), but it does not at all detract from the overall value of his work.

I’m now officially a fan.  Perhaps I’ll have a chance to read Decolonization and the Decolonized over break.  ::crosses fingers:: Wow am I a cool person.

I had to say it, but now I must move on to real academic pursuits.

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