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September 13, 2008

Proposal, another one?!

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Now that I did some quick thinking on that proposal, here’s another I have to consider: wtf do I propose to do my ph.d. on?  Here’s where my thinking is at right now:  I am opperating on the premises that contemporary Australian fiction is largely preoccupied with trying to identify the role/position of the modern Australian in a society that is in a state of tension.  (between races, between what?) I could look at the way contemporary (white?) Australian authors are expressing this tension/identity search.  Where it comes from:  I did the Winton paper on how the linked short stories genre is an effective means of writing the white Australian search for identity, to which I hold firm.  The form of the narrative is as (if not more) important as the content in conveying this meaning. (how do texts ‘mean’? is another post).  And, from the feedback I got, Winton’s is not a solitary example.  Then I got to thinking– how about that rise in autobiographies?  and memoirs?  what about the novels based on ‘true events’?  What happened to the Lawson-esque short stories?  The way Australians tell their stories has changed dramatically since the beginning of wide-scale publishing.  I think the way the stories are being told can tell us a lot about the anxieties Australians are feeling, and in our little happy globalized world, I have a feeling there are certain echoes of this trend (you know, the trend that I haven’t actually identified yet). 

There let it be said.  It’s on file.


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