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November 24, 2007

Shaun, the not-quite dead.

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I was afraid that I was pretty dumb when I watched this movie and didn’t really ‘get’ how it was an important piece of postmodern commentary. Then, I watched a video of the main characters being interviewed on a morning radio program (here), and then went to my old standby, Kim, to see what she had to say. I am relieved to say that I said ‘duh’ when seeing what the radio show guys got out of it, and it really tickled me to witness Kim’s curt, exhausted, and utterly apathetic response to the film. Apparently, I’m not really missing anything, it’s all right there for us to see, open and available to the masses. Now watch, this is going to come back to bite me in the bum.

Zombies. They’re here, and they are sort of a problem (only sort of). The film is apparently saying that, in many ways, we are all zombies in the way that we live our lives.  For the most part, we’re all just going through the comfortable routines and habits, the same things day in and day out. Is this post so very different from all of my others? Are the papers we’re all working on so very different and groundbreaking in relation to the last set of final papers we wrote? Despite our greatest hopes and dreams, I would argue that they pretty much are not.

What we need is an event that will separate the men and women from the zombies. (I’ll let much of that statement go to be digested by someone else). And, like Shaun, this event will provide the opportunity to become leaders. For others, the Eds of the world, a zombie takeover of the city will only prove that we have no higher calling, and that videogames and shelter really are among the best things in life. I guess that Shaun of the Dead proves that in society, it really does ‘take all kinds’.

Of course, nothing can be quite as simple as I outlined above. While Shaun did take the zombie takeover of London to show what kind of stuff he was made of (even if it meant shooting his mom), none of this ambition seems to continue into his life after the quelling of zombie rage. Sure, he gets Liz back, but was simply knowing that he could be (if absolutely necessary) decent enough to give her the patience for the gads of indecent or lackluster qualities that he displayed on a daily basis?

This movie really asks us to step into an alternate reality. I was just about to affirm that I would find my partner-in-crime absolutely terrible to live with if he really continued to do all of the things that I hated, patient only because once I saw him protect me (but not four other people) during a zombie attack. Then I realized that I have been referring to this entire zombie situation as something like a background to the main events. I think a ‘real’ zombie attack would probably garner a bit more of my attention. Who was it that said that in postmodern narrative we don’t even question the existence of parallel but obviously different worlds, like, um, zombie worlds?



  1. I got to that line, “What we need is an event that will separate the men and women from the zombies” and thought that you were going to give me some sort of example. It made me laugh, but it’s a really good point. The rise of good leaders will come from something like this. It depends though, on how you take the zombies. In Clune’s post she says that the zombies are like the ‘other’ and when I think about current consequences, the construction of history and the ‘other’ these leaders don’t hold a holy lite. In Watchmen Shaun would have been Ozymandius. Ozzy wanted to destroy the zombies of the world with a giant squid but eventually society would to return to a normal state because it has nothing else to feed on but itself.

    OK that was nonsense, but this movie was like Taco Bell. Easily (maybe I too will be bit in the bum) digested; the post modern nutrient mixture of cat food.

    Comment by bastianm — November 27, 2007 @ 11:25 am

  2. I agree and I posted that this movie is showing people as like zombies before z-day. I mean us in America do the same basic routines everyday like go to school, go to work, go home and go to bed. I know sometimes it changes but thats the basic routine for everyone according to the movie.

    Comment by tllabello — November 27, 2007 @ 4:49 pm

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