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October 26, 2007

Galatea 2.2….2

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This segment of Galatea 2.2 struck me mostly on the relationship drama- level. If that is a literary level anywhere besides in my mind. This section, more than any previous, focused on the burgeoning relationship between Powers and Lentz, and the already ended relationship between Powers and C.

Some quotes that struck me:

“Memory was the attempt to capitalized on missed cleverness, or recover an overlooked word that, for a moment, might have made someone else feel more alive.” (145)

“I could not think of a book that was not either by, for, or about this. The elaborate seduction of the already attained.” (105)

“The photo was itself a prediction of its own chance viewing….the swerves our narrative lives had taken all found their retroactive meaning in this one memory posted forward from the past.” (102)

Looking at these quotes,  it seems clear that the function of memory is of great interest to the author.  Luckily, it is of great interest to me, too.  For Powers, ‘memory’ seems to represent some concrete truth, as evidenced by his “memory posted forward”.  This truth can be attained during a specific moment, or, if it was not acquired during an event, it is necessary to create it and impose it on the already-completed event.

In writing, Powers uses both forms of memory.  When he writes his first book, he bases it on the truths of the ‘memory posted forward’ in the picture.  At his current state, however, he has already exhausted that resource, so now he has to look back at his past and do his best to glean from it the truths that he could not see while in the moment.  In this process, he is engaging in the “elaborate seduction of the already attained,”  since he is nursing his past and his memory in an attempt to coax out of it some truth that he can write as a novel.


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