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September 5, 2007

I shan’t dare ask which part of the body we’re writing on…

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…but perhaps the answer can be found at the clap clinic. I think clap is a hilarious name for an STI, and this narrator is certainly preoccupied with it.

But, anywho, on to a real subject. I began this book with a great deal of apprehension, mostly because I still felt a bit as though the concept of ‘postmodern’ is just out of my grasp. However, I soon began to recognize certain elements that gave me comfort in a time of need. The first few pages of the novel were difficult, but as soon as I stopped trying to gather all of the details to create a fluid narrative and instead pretended that this was simply a stream of consciousness that would eventually lead somewhere, things got better. I was even able to find some cool examples, such as these:

  • Caliban’s quote (9)- I believe it is a reference to The Tempest
  • The cliche list on page 10 (Love makes the world go round, etc.), and, the postmodern ‘truth’- It’s the cliches that cause the trouble-recurring theme (p 21, too)
  • “…how easy it is to destroy the past and how difficult to forget it.” (17)
  • Umm, how about Bathsheba (temptress, mother of Solomon) and Uriah (loyal & obedient husband)
  • “No more sprawling life for me, this is container gardening.” (27)
  • Elgin’s story is one of capitalism destroying the traditions (35).
  • The transitions from scene to scene are very much like snapshots (see pg. 35-36).
  • And, my favorite, “‘What did Bathsheba ever give me but a perfect set of teeth?’

‘All the better to eat you with,’ said the Wolf.

I got a can of spray paint and wrote SELF-RESPECT over the                                                  door.

Let Cupid try and get past that one.” (48)

Unfortunately, now that I have this rather lovely little list of a few of the things in the text that struck me, I don’t know what to do with them.  I’m hoping there will be answers soon enough.


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