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August 30, 2007

Test test—unless you want to track the drivel that is my life

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stay here


August 10, 2007

Hold the presses, it’s one of my favorites–Pastiche!!!!!

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I am so excited, pastiche is one of my favorite words, and it’s a concept that I enjoy working with.  However, I am bright enough to realize that the understanding of pastiche I gained in “Intro to Literary Theory” isn’t the be-all and end all.  So, if you love pastiche as I do, you will be as thrilled as I to encounter Pastiche by Richard Dyer at the local, friendly public library!  It really is amazing what you can find if you have eight hours of your day to potentially come across it. 

So, the object of beauty: 


I’ve only been able to get as far into the book as it takes to wash a king-sized load of laundry, minus the seven minutes I spent entranced by the spin cyle.  It was a front-loader, you know how those go.  But, nonetheless, it looks like  a fabulous journey.  Written with a nicely British sense of humour, Dyer investigates the definition of pastiche, what makes something pastiche, and why we care.  I encourage all to delve into this book, since my fearless partner Greg’s only comment was something to the effect of, “That sounds like something you’d really like.” 

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