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June 15, 2007

over exposure

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Okay, my job officially sucks.  I just had a guy expose himself to me at work.  He’s one of the ‘drunk guys’ and comes in regularly.  This time, however, he had something else on his mind besides making a phone call.  ewww.  However, because my job is what my job is, this is not the first time this has happened, the police were not called, and the offender has been banned for one month.  And people wonder why we have security guards. 

So, my confusion continues.  This sort of experience is borderline ‘normal’ for myself and co-workers.  Where can the line be drawn that protects me from sexual harrassment?  I am not allowed to behave in a manner such as this towards patrons, why are they permitted to offend me?  We have a customer behavior policy.  Yet, the customers do not receive it and are likely to be unaware it exists.  I do not encourage sexual innuendos, but obviously someone in society does, because I am ‘hit on’ daily, despite the fact that I wear something very much like a wedding band and claim to be married whenever someone asks (yes, Greg is aware).  Furthermore, this seems to be a females-0nly problem at my workplace.  Male co-workers have no idea what ‘the look’ is, but ask anyone who can wear skirts without violating the dress code, and sympathy abounds. 

So, what do I do?  I get paid too well to quit, unless someone knows of a part-time job that pays over $10/hr. allows me to have freedom in schedule-making, and is in some way useful in the eventual obtainment of a career.  damn it.


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