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May 31, 2007

I hate moving

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I hate moving.  I absolutely abhor it.  And I don’t have time for it.  No one has boxes, so everything is packed up in grocery bags.  Why do I own five bajillion books?  Why can I only part with three of them?  grrrrr.  This is also the last week of my class, so I’ve been working on our final presentation (the lost culture of tasmania) and my solo drama (which I hated).  And working.  And I’ve (finally) begun volunteering at the co-op.  Perhaps I should have waited a couple of weeks to start that one.  

So, I’m tired.  I’m stressed, and I would much rather take the time to plant/weed my non-existant garden than move dusty crappy furniture across town using an itsy-bitsy VW beetle.  But, we’re moving.  And our new place is filthy.  Great way to start.


Greg’s going down to West Virginia next week.  I’d love to go, but I can’t afford to skip work like he is.  Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that it costs $55 for Verizon to turn on my phone in the new apartment, even though it does not entail travelling of any sort.  And I got a parking ticket; from last August.  grrrrr 

And life continues, so on and so forth.  No amazing creativity from Esther recently.  Instead, I work, work, work, think about gardening, work.  I recently discovered that my attention span has been so incredibly reduced that not only am I not capable of sitting through an entire movie, I can’t watch a half-hour tv show unless there are commercials involved.  I’ll call this a recovery period.


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  1. Oh Esther,

    You bring back awful memories!!! After being evicted from New Jersey due to zoning laws, I packed a 24 foot trailer and drove to Albany’s State Street. Our apartment, one chosen between a trip to England and another to Japan, was supposedly waiting for us. Once we fully blocked traffic with our beast of a moving truck, we keyed opened the door to a woman who had yet to move out… and she was the filthiest human being on the planet. When she did leave (9 hours later), her stained furniture, black ringed tub, and rotting meat were all still present. In fact, she had cracked (as in broke) her kitchen window pane, allowing a squirrel to frequent her countertops – a practice that continued even after they became mine until the landlord finally remedied the situation. It took two months to sort it all out and I was buzzing off to Ireland in-between. This was my biggest nightmare, and the first of four successive moves. (By the fourth, I had distilled my belongings down to an 11 foot box truck.)

    In other words, I FULLY understand your pain and my sympathy goes out to you!

    Comment by atticfox — June 1, 2007 @ 11:32 am

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