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May 3, 2007

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Group Project for Final Presentation

Group members: Esther, Aliya, Kim, Keva

Chosen Text: Our group decided to create our own text, a DocuParody if you will. You may know it under its working title, Fahrenheit 330. The text we created features our impressions of a number of theorists, and the relationships they would have with each other and the world in general. You may notice several connections between our DocuParody and the articles we read by the theorists, the theories themselves, and situations you may have encountered in your lives.

Our text looks a lot like this, except it moves, and everyone has hands.


Individual Readings (summaries provided, but names link to actual blog posts):

Keva– Keva approached the DocuParody with an eye for the gender confusion that is occurring. She was inspired by her reading of Judith Butler’s article in class. Keva investigated the function of ‘drag’ in the DocuParody, and contemplated the larger significance of cross-dressing in American society.

Kim– Kim was interested in looking at the influence of Donna Haraway’s ideas of technology and cyborg-ness when she investigated the DocuParody. Kim is particularly interested in focusing on her character, an oppressed woman, and the child that will be produced as a result of the coming together of cyborg, human and animal. It sounds disgusting, but it was tastefully filmed.

Aliya– Aliya looked at the group DocuParody in light of postmodern theories, especially Jean Baudrillard’s ideas about hyperreality. She was interested in noting the applicability of Baudrillard’s idea that everything is a copy of a copy, and therefore it is impossible to denote the original. Aliya also investigates the ability of simulations to eventually ‘stand in’ for the original in the social psyche.

Esther– Esther chose to read the DocuParody with her strongly Marxist individual theory. She recognized the alienation from labor that the theorists, characters, and the presenters were experiencing, as well as the fact that the entire project is part of the education system’s (predominant ISA) goal of informing the presenters of their roles in society and reforming them into submissive laborers.

Group Assessment of Text:

In Summation (you’ll hear this again): All these theorists work together to deconstruct the different levels of society in an attempt to shatter the images of reality society holds so dear. Althusser breaks down the governmental apparatuses. While Baudrillard breaks down the relation between image and language in reality.  Butler deconstructs the gender conformities of society while Haraway’s cyborg theory
is an attempt to find an answer within the fleeting reality by pairing it with imagery.  Combined, they make each one of us question our roles in hyperreality.

 Final Wrap-up:  After discussing their individual readings of the text, Esther, Keva, Aliya, and Kim all discovered that they were surprised by how many theorists simultaneously influenced their thinking. While the class theorists attempted to read the DocuParody with their own individual theories in mind, it often happened that other theorists, especially Jameson, Rubin, and Horkheimer and Adorno slipped into the conversation. The group decided that this common cross-referencing of theorists illustrated that all theorists (including every individual in the class!) were part of a common discourse regarding the understanding and conception of society. In looking at all theories as part of a common discourse, the group was able to put aside bickering over which theorist was closest to being ‘right’ and instead looked at how all of the theories could work together to provide a greater or more complex understanding of how society, gender, class, and media interact.


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